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You were so excited to finally tell Harry the good news, but first you had to go tell your very best friend the good news!

You hadn’t been this exciting since Harry has proposed to you. You quickly made your way to your bet friend house.

You made your way towards her door as you noticed something weird through the glass window.

You gasped as you saw messy curls with fingers wrapped around them.

Harry was fucking your best friend. He was all over her! She was sucking is neck, leaving him love bits where she knew you wouldn’t be able to see.

You couldn’t believe at what had just happened.

You pushed the door open and stop there.

You couldn’t believe at what you just had witnessed. You had just witnessed your boyfriend of three years cheating on you with your best friend. You tried to hold back the tears as he caught your eyes.

"Shit," you heard him mutter underneath his breath as he pushed your best friend off of him.

You quickly unfroze yourself for the shock and ran to your car, you fumbled with your keys as you felt him touch him. “y/n, I can ex—”

"Harry! Stop!" You dropped your keys at the sound of your voice. It was so harsh and scary, even.

"I can’t even look at your right now! How-h-how could you?!" You silently cursed at yourself for letting him get the best of you and making you stutter.

"I-I don’t know." He said quietly. His green eyes burning into yours. They showed guilt an regret, you quickly shook the feeling of remorse away.

"Don’t you ever talk to my again, Harry Styles. You are a coward! A cheater! A liar a-and someone who broke my heart!! I hate you!" You had never felt so angry at Harry before. You had never thought it would end this way.

He quickly got your wrist as you tried to get into your car after struggling a bit.

"Let me go!" You said harshly.

"I can’t! Can we please talk about this? I can’t lose you!" His eyes filling with tears.

"You should have thought about that before you shagged my best friend! You man whore!" You shut the door, hard, as you speed down the road. You didn’t car that your vision was blurred because of all the tears falling down your cheeks.

You couldn’t wrap your mind around he fact that Harry, the man you loved for what felt like forever, the man you wanted to marry, the man you were so excited to tell that you were going to finally have a baby…. Had cheated on you.

With your best friend.

You furred your eyebrows as you promised yourself that he would never be able to hurt you again, you nor the baby you were carrying.

Even if it was the last thing you did.

keeper-of-the-sea: Are you really truly going to do part 2 of 'I'll Be Seeing You?' When do you think part 2 will be out??It's the best imagine/ fanfiction I've ever read :) xx

thank you so much! and I haven’t had time to write.

i feel horrible.

Anonymous: I'm still here.. -Me<3

me too. <3

Anonymous: Oh my gosh, I love "I'll be seeing you"! I'm about to read it again and I'm just preparing myself for the tears! It's so good! You seriously need to write a second! The first time I read "I'll be seeing you" was last summer and at least once a month I check to see if you've started a sequel cause I love it so much! Please write another??!

I most probably am!

Anonymous: Are you still going to make a part 2 to i'll be seeing you?

Yes. When my computer works again ):

Anonymous: OMG!!!!! thank you for leting us know your still alive :) i'm the one who was freaking out :S .... so thanks again i've missed you :)

Haha it’s fine. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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…twerk? Really ):

sexualfrustratedfangirl: OMG I'VE MISSED YOU!!!

☺ Aw really? I’ve missed all of you!!

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Anonymous: oh my gosh ive read ill be seeing you like 10 times and its the best thing ive ever read i seriously cry every time i read it just keep writing because you have a gift hahaha your great!!!!

Aw really? Thank you so much :)

Anonymous: I missed ya! Where have you been?

Here and there. Track, working, running:( eh.
Boyfriend. Lol

Anonymous: OMG BBY I MISSED YOU!!! Lol but seriously. By the way your fanfic was the first fanfic I ever read and I was up until 4 in the morning reading it last summer. I love you. Never stop writing and I'm so excited for kik he seeing you. Okay bye love you

Haha I know what that’s like. I’d stay up like all night last summer, crying, while I read larry fanfics and stuff. Good times. I love you too baby face. ❤❤❤