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Chapter 3

Scarlett’s P.O.V

I was already done with the fashion show and I must say, it was bloody fantastic. 

After the fashion show, I heard that the Angels usually go out and party, but I for one, was exhausted. Probably since it was my first high class fashion show. It really drained me.

Mandy had already asked me if I wanted to hang out with them, but I politely declined.

I changed out of my last outfit and put on my Victoria Secret ‘chill’ outfit. They usually call it the ‘chill’ outfit because it’s just really comfortable clothes they provide us with. 

All the other Angels were getting ready to leave, most of them had already left. I slip on my black UGG slippers and decide to leave my make up as it is. I’ll take it off once I get home. I left my hair loose and grabbed my backpack as I was about to leave.

"Hey, Scarlett!" I turn around and see Kristina, our head manager. I smile at her as I adjust my backpack on my shoulders. "Hey, Kristina. What’s up?" 

'Well, I just wanna give you a heads up, you need to come on Monday for your wings! You do know you get to keep them, right? You get to choose one of the three sets of wings you wore tonight! So think long and hard, because they are all beautiful!” She said smiling big. 

Wow. I get to keep the wings? “Wow! That’s amazing! I’ll be back on Monday then! Thank you so much,” I said as I pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek goodbye.

"It’s my pleasure. You are such a down to earth girl and so humble, we are glad that you are one of our Angels. Enjoy the rest of your night." 

I smiled as I watched her walk away. I made my way out the front as there was a bunch of paps. I quickly put my hands up, I wasn’t nearly used to this yet. Not even with Zayn.  

I felt myself get dizzy as I looked at all the bright flashes, but I still managed to smile and wave. I kept walking until I felt myself hit something hard.

Or someone.

I quickly recover from the hit and look up. My blue eyes meeting green. “Scarlett! I’ve missed you, love!” My breathing hitches and I instantly smile, making sure he didn’t notice my hesitation.

"Harry, I’ve miseed you!" I pull him down to a hug and instantly remember that I was flirting with him on the runway. "Shit, Harry! I’m sorry for flirting with you while I was on the runway. I was just so excited and you were the first person that caught my eye." 

He laughs and shakes it off like nothing, I didn’t even realize the other four were there standing awkwardly. I trail my eyes over each one of them until my eyes meet his brown ones. 

I smile at him, but perceed to say hello to the other boys. Niall and Louis pulled me into a tight hug, but Liam kind of just stood there and waved. I wonder what’s up with him? I just nodded at him. 

Zayn looked at me, he looked at me as if he had seen a ghost. “Do I got something on my face, Zayn?” My accent sounded kind of funny, even to myself. Stupid thick british accents. 

I pushed my hair away from my face as he turned red. “N-no. Of course not. I-I just, I-. Hi, Scar.” I froze at the nickname, but still smiled. “Hello, Zayn. It’s nice seeing you after, huh, two years? Still with that blonde? What’s her name? Perrie? Like the Platypus, right?” 

Louis choked on the water he was drinking and Harry muffled a laugh. Zayn rubbed the back of his neck, something he would always do when he was nervous. 

"Yeah, still with Perrie." He said not meeting my eyes. "Lovely," I replied looked away from him. I kept on walking away as the paparazzi were too busy taking pictures of all the other models. 

I heard them following me and felt someone get my hand. “Hey, Scarlett. We are all gonna get something to eat and then head back to my flat? You wanna join?” It was Harry. 

"Um, sure. I’ll follow you guys in my car." "I’ll go with you, I don’t think we all fit in Liam’s car." Harry said with a smirk. 

I felt weird about that, but I agreed. Harry and I made our way towards my car, which was a black  2015 mustang, I upgraded since my last car. I felt proud of myself that I was able to buy this beauty all on my own. 

Harry let out a whistle and beamed at the car. “Nice ride, Scarlett.” “Thanks,” I said as I made my way into the drivers seat. “Maybe I’ll let you drive it one day,” I said looking at him with a smirk. 

"Cheeky as always." I smiled at his comment as I made my way towards his flat. I couldn’t believe that even after two years, I still remembered the way to Harry’s flat. Harry used to be my closest friend while me and Zayn were an item, but that quickly ended once we broke up.

I was devastated that I lost my boyfriend and my best friend all in one day, but I couldn’t do much about it either way. “What are the boys bringing?” “I think pizza, not sure.” 

I parked in an empty lot and felt queezy looking at the apartment. “Are you sure I should even be coming, Harry? I feel really weird.” “Hey, it’s my apartment, I invited you. Don’t worry about Zayn or what anybody else thinks.” 

His green eyes staring into mine as I nodded. I sigh as soon as he got out of the car. I put my keys inside my backpack as I locked my car. I made sure to walk very slowly as we got closer to the apartment. “Scarlett, c’mon. Don’t ber nervous. We all love you and wish we could have still talked to you, but it was hard enough on—” 

I cut him off, “What do you mean it was hard on Zayn? He cheated on me with the platypus girl, I didn’t do anything! I didn’t deserve that! He broke—” I shut my mouth before I said something I didn’t want to say. 

I closed my eyes and gulped down the words dying to come out. I take a deep breath and look at Harry, he had a hurt look on his face before he pulled me into a hug. “It’s alright, Scarlett. You’re fine. You’ll be fine.” I nodded into his chest and pulled away.

"I know, now let’s go." I followed him into his flat and regretted it instantly when my eyes meet big blue ones which had blonde hair to go with it and was standing next to Zayn. 

Anonymous: Hii are you writing a sequel to I'll be seeing you??

It’s in progress. I just need to figure out what will happen, etc. 

Anonymous: Oh my gosh I have missed you so much! Xx

like wise. :) <3

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I will. :)

Chapter 2

Two years later (2014) 


December 2nd, 2014 

It’s been two years ever since Zayn and I broke up. We were together for over two years and then he fucking ended it, practically telling me he was in love with some other chick and didn’t love me anymore. 

Very classy. 

Zayn is currently engaged to that blonde girl. Perrie, isn’t it? Well, all I know is that, that is the reason why Zayn left me and boy is he ever gonna regret leaving me. I’m currently going to be making my first appearance as a Victoria Secret model in their annual Victoria Secret show, and guess who has V.I.P seats? 

One Direction. 

The Victoria Secret Fashion show was being held in London, which was pretty darn amazing, but damn nerve wrecking. 

It was currently thirty minutes before our fashion show started and I was beyond nervous. The opening act was Fall Out Boy, I could see all the girls walked out on to the stage as if it was no big deal. Smiling with the biggest smiles they have ever given. I was so nervous. I kept trying to keep myself in tack. 

I peaked out of the curtain from backstage and saw One Direction sitting right in the front, with all their perfection and good looks. I instantly felt sick when I saw Zayn, I quickly pulled away from the curtain and sucked in my breathe. 

"Are you alright?" I heard a soft Australian accent ask. I turn around and face my best friend, Mandy. We instantly clicked once we were chosen to be a Victoria Secret Angel. 

"Mandy! Dear god, I am beyond nervous. I don’t- I’m- I’m so scared. I don’t wanna fall flat on my face especially since Zayn is sitting front and center! It’s been two years since I’ve seen him!" I was panicking. 

Mandy’s face hit realization when I mentioned Zayn, everybody here knew of mine and his past, but nobody knew that I was coming on since it was my first show. I wanted it to be a surprise. 

Taylor Swift passes by us swifty and smiles at me. “Good luck,” I mouth as she makes her way onto the stage. 

After Taylor Swift walks out, It was Mandy’s turn. “Good luck, babe!” She makes a quick face of despair and masks it with a big smile. Her brown hair full of bounce and her eyes full of life. She makes her way onto the stage with her racer outfit and helmet. I was soon to be next.

One of the helpers, fixes my wings and I pull down the sleeves of my jacket. I’m ready. I can do this. “Go, Scar! Good luck!” Mandy tells me once I get next to the curtain. 

All the girls give me big smiles as I make my way onto the stage. I can hear Taylor and the boys singing in the background as I walk down the stage. 

I feel a big rush and smile naturally. My eyes move across the room as I land right in the front. Right in front of them.

My eyes instantly lock with Harrys, I do not know why, but I bite my bottom lip and make a sexy face as I turn around. I see from the corner of my eye Zayn look at Harry in confusion with his eyes popping out. I turn the corner and go backstage. 

I quickly let out a breath, that I didn’t even realizing I was holding. That was a fucking thrill. Oh my god. I made my way back into the changing rooms as some girls came and help me change. This was amazing, the look on his face was priceless. 

Zayn’s P.O.V

A great big world was setting up and the lighting was changing, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I just saw Scarlett. Scarlett Rose was an Angel, literally. I was in shock. I wasn’t even paying attention anymore to the Angels, all I could think about is why the hell is she here and why am I here as well? 

A whole set had passed and now the stage was kind of yellow and the surroundings looked sexy as hell. 

I looked around and the boys were already looking at me, in despair. “I’m fine.” I say in a harsh tone as I make myself comfortable again and wait until the next Angel comes out to start the next set. Miley Cyrus song “FU” starts playing and oh, look who is it opening up the next set? 

Scarlett Rose in a sexy red lingerie and red gloves, plus she had red wings which made her devilish. What a coincidence with the song. 

She made that runway her stage and made everyone keep their eyes on her, as if she was the damn queen. 

She always had that quality, something about her made you wanna stare at her and never look away. She looked eyes with Harry again and stared into them deeply. Harry was getting a crimson red and then she did what any girl would have done if they had Harry Styles staring right at the, she blew a kiss and turned away, still locking eyes with him.

I felt my heart tighten a bit as I felt myself getting angry. I tried not to show it since we weren’t together anymore. She wasn’t mine anymore. 

I had Perrie. I love Perrie, even though the beginning of our relationship was planned and faked, we learned to love each other and that is why we are engaged. 

Scarlett owned that runway even though I highly doubt she’s done this more than once. I wouldn’t doubt either that she’s one of the youngest girls here. She’s barely nineteen, since she is two years younger than me. We had been dating as before the band started and as well for two years while we were in a band. 

Management didn’t like her, so they made me choose between her and the band. I couldn’t leave my career that was barely starting, but I will always regret not fighting for her. 

They always said she was a bad image for me since she didn’t have a career yet, barely trying to be a model and now look at here. Look at where she is. She’s an Angel, one of the hardest and toughest agency, but yet. There she is. 

Before I even knew it, It was already the closing act. I was anxiously waiting to see if she was gonna come out or not, since she hadn’t been in the past two sets. 

Then, after a bunch of girls, there she was. In all her glory, and angle wings, she stopped in the front, smiling with so much joy. Damn, I hadn’t seen her with so much passion in a long time. She smiled as she mouth “I love you” while making a heart with her fingers, she didn’t make eye contact with anyone other than the cameras. 

It was already over, so all the Angles came out onto the stage, Scarlett and another girl were the first ones in the line. They were smiling and laughing the entire time. You could tell she was extatic. 

They were all messing around, hugging, posing for pictures and dancing. They all went to the back as we all stood up and cheered. I smiled knowing that she was happy, even if I wasn’t the reason anymore. 


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i probably will soon. :D

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Anonymous: i remember waiting every week for you to publish a new chapter of i'll be seeing you... I haven't read it for over a year. i've decided to read it again. i love it. i love you. i hope everything is going fine. you should publish more, but then again, do what's best for you. bye. x

I will write more! I just posted a new story and explained why i wasn’t writing for a while, a good while. D:

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Chapter 1

This is my first story on Wattpad. I have a couple stories on Tumblr, but I read tons of fanfics on here. So I decided to write one on here, why the hell not?!

^ that’s for wattpad. lol.

Chapter 1


I couldn’t shake this feeling away. I couldn’t help, but feel as if something terrible wrong was going to happen. Zayn had been really distant lately and it was killing me. I didn’t know how to cope with this aching feeling I felt because I am not the type of person to just let anyone in.

Zayn was different, he help me see the light in my dark life. I felt myself get goosebumps all over when I saw my phone light up with his name. 

"Hello?" I answered in a low voice. "Hey," I heard Zayn say in a low voice, as well. Obviously something was going on and he just wouldn’t let me in. "What’s up?" I answer back. "Can you come on over? My flat? We need to talk." 

With that line, I felt my heart fall. It felt as if it fell out of my ass. I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Y-yeah. I’ll be there in a bit.” I felt sick to my stomach, but of course, I agreed. I decided to stay in the sweats I was already wearing as well as the white muschle shirt.

I quickly put on my purple vans and got one of Zayn’s jackets, because it was kind of chilly outside. I locked my apartment door and made my way towards the parking lot. I quickly opened my car door before the paparrazi saw me or before anyone even noticed me. Zayn Malik’s girlfriend.  

I started at myself in the mirror, really taking a good look. I had dark circles under my eyes, but honestly, nothing a little make up couldn’t cover. I quickly put my long brown hair in a high bun and turned on my car. I quietly made my way to Zayn’s apartment. I didn’t even bother putting on music. I am way too nervous. 

I felt a sick feeling as I parked in front of his apartment and I noticed that all the other boys were here too. Why would they be here if Zayn needed to talk to me about something important? I ignored the question that I had just asked myself, I was scared of the answer I’d make up.  

My chest felt tight. I gulped and got out of the car. I made my way up the stairs and knocked on the red apartment door. Harry opened the door smiling, but the he frowned when he met my eyes. He quickly tried to hide it and hugged me.  “Hey, Scarlett. I’ve missed you.” “I’ve missed you too, Harry.” 

I let go as all the other boys hugged me and Zayn just stood there, watching me. “Hey, baby.” I said giving him my sweetest, hardest smile. He smiled and kissed my cheek. “Hiya, babes.” He got my hand and lead me to his room.

The room that held all the late night laughter, talks, fooling around, jokes and everything else in between.

He closed the door behind him and looked at me. “Babe, sit down. Please.” I sat down on the edge of his bed. He noticed that I was wearing his jacket and he flinched. I pretended I didn’t even notice. He looked down and kneeled down in front of me. He pulled out his phone and put in right in front of my face. I felt my eyes instantly get wet. It can’t be.

I got his phone and felt the tears prick my eyes even more. It was a picture of him and some blonde girl kissing. “Slide to the right,” he said almost demanding. 

”Is this a way of you trying to tell me.. t-t-that there is.. s-s-omeone else?” I stuttered out. I couldn’t help but feel the whole burning in my heart already. He nodded.

“You deserve better than me, love. I met her and I fell in love with her. I couldn’t help it. I tried keeping it a secret, thinking maybe, just maybe it would pass. But it didn’t. I’m truly sorry, love.”

I stared into his eyes. I couldn’t tell if he was lying or if he was telling me the truth. “You deserve better than this,” he whispered looking down. “You gotta be strong, Scarlett. This is for the best.” I felt tears slowly roll down my face. He stared into my eyes. “Is this the best for me?” He titled his head in confusion. “Or is this the best for you?” He closed his eyes for a second before opening them again.

His big brown eyes just sucking me into him. “I don’t love you anymore, Scarlett.”

He said it. Flat. He stabbed me in the heart. Not even letting me recover from what he just bombed me with.

This was literally the worst feeling somebody could tell you. ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ Those five words could easily kill a soul like mine. I could always tell when he was lying, but this time I just couldn’t. 

I  couldn’t tell. I felt my heart break into tiny of million little pieces. He was showing no emotion. No wonder Harry frowned when he saw me. They knew. This was all just a big fucking joke. I quickly got up and wiped my  tears.

“Are you really happy?” He stood up and stared into my eyes. “Yes,” he said out flatly.

"Fuck you, Zayn. I fucking hate you."

I opened the door and stormed out of the flat. I  didn’t even bother looking at the boys. I felt like one big stupid joke. I got into my car and drove. I drove until I just couldn’t anymore. I stopped near an abandoned apartments and cried.

Cried about everything I wish I could have said and asked.

Zayn P.O.V

I watched her storm out of the flat. I walked out in tears. I felt horrible. The boys hugged me. “We know, mate. It sucks.” Harry said. I nodded and I clentched my teeth before I would say something I’d regret.  

She’ll never need to know that it was all a lie. I will and always have loved her. Management said she was a bag influence and that we kept on getting a bad reputation because of Scarlett.

Scarlett has been too good to me and that’s why she deserves better. 

This was and is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Watching her cry broke my heart.


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